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Stewardship is bringing proper land management principles together in a balanced approach for the enhancement of your land.

Stewardship starts with gaining knowledge about topics such as: vegetation, wildlife, livestock, watersheds, taxes, ecosystem services. 

Stewardship also involves simply identifying your goals for the property such as: cattle production, wildlife habitat, recreation, aesthetics, investment, water enhancement, environmental impact.

Determine Land Objectives

Take your time and read your land: Simply walking over your property and taking notes will help you prepare for improving the land. 

Ask around: Talk to your neighbors both new and old, contact professionals and keep a notebook binder of all the information you receive.  You will find common themes and ideas that may serve you well.

Find your objectives: You are now prepared to decide what is important to you.  Pick the top 3 or 4 objectives that are appealing to you.  This may be privacy, recreation, clean water, or creating something you find pretty.  You can now go back through the information you have received and find what helps you accomplish your goals.  Now call up the professionals you have grown to trust most and ask them for more information regarding your property objectives.

Managing for Land Objectives

Start small: Success is not measured by acres but by positive impact.  You will learn something each time you implement change.

Measure by objective:  It is easy to get caught up in perfecting a management technique.  Step back occasionally to make sure the technique is helping accomplish an overall objective.

Share your experiences: Neighboring landowners can learn from your experiences both positive and negative.  You can also share knowledge by hosting a field day for your community.  Talk with a local agency or organization to see if you can help spread the news.

Enjoy the Land

Regardless of your reasons for owning the land, you should take time to reflect and enjoy the fruits of your labor.  Proper stewardship should have a positive impact on the land, its inhabitants, and you.